Jul 11, 2009

Self-titled Debut LP out July 21st!


We are ecstatic to announce that our self-titled debut hit the streets July 21. The vinyl LP, which comes with a free MP3 download, is a split release with Grand Palace Records and Dead Ring Music. The album was recorded by Alex Norfleet at Grand Palace and was produced by our buddy James Robbins and us.

We took our time with it. At times it was grueling work. Now it is done, the smoke has cleared, and we are proud of it.

To celebrate this momentous occasion we would like to invite you all to two momentous PARTEEZ. The first is a Grimey’s in-store on Tuesday, July 21. Come hoot, holler, and have a ball with us on the day our record comes out! The second is a real rock n roll party at The End on Saturday, July 25. Also on the bill are The Clutters, Denny & the Jets, and Daniel Pujol & Some Beaus. Said it once, I’ll say it twice: ROCK N ROLL PARTY.

The album in its entirety is already posted to Bandcamp and available to stream. Please, go give it a listen!

So do it.

The Kindergarten Circus

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