Dec 5, 2009


with Wax Intellectual, Glitch, and How Cozy. It was DOPE.




Nov 27, 2009

I love Infinity Cat!

I've known and proclaimed my love for all things Infinity Cat for a couple years now, but tonight was something special. Jake, Jamin, and the respective Heavy Cream and Natural Child crews came down to the Murf tonight to show everyone how it should be done, and show them they did. All three bands raised a ruckus at YEAH. I mean JEFF played Noo Sixties AND Pleasure Centre. Need I write any more? I don't think so. I love Tennessee. I love Nashville. I love Infinity Cat! Now I'm gonna go listen to my shiny new Natty Child 7".


P.S. The Heavy Trash show was magical. Jon Spencer is a wizard. Sorry I didn't make a full post about it. School's keepin' me REAL BUSY. I *cough* I mean my buddy Cooper did a write up for the Cheap Time show, but it was posted on Nashville's Dead. Check it ouuuuuuuuuuuut!!!!

Oct 29, 2009



Oct 10, 2009


Last night was awesome. We all went to Tootsie's before our show. It was our first time seeing the Black Diamond Heavies and they melted faces and busted guts.

Next stop was the End where got our stuff loaded in. After making sure everything was cool, we collectively made a b-line to Krispy Kreme (standard procedure anytime we play at the End). I got a Donut Sundae and a seasonal Pumpkin Spice Cake donut. Spice Donut Cake was delicious blah blah blah. LISTEN TO ME RIGHT NOW: YOU NEED TO TRY A DONUT SUNDAE. This was my second "experience," and I from these experiences I have deduced that there are few things in this world more delectable than a hillock of soft-serve placed on a hot glazed donut. Not to mention the syrup, whipped cream, and nuts on top of that. Jesus, I want one just writing about it....

Back to the End. The show started off slow the first couple of songs. I messed up big time on "Parasite Mosquito" and then Lil Bill's hi-hat clamp broke. It took a couple minutes to fix that, but all the frustration made us come back big on "Radio Flyer." The rest of the show was good. We played two new songs. One is called "(Strike Like) Lightning" and the other is unnamed. The unnamed one was probably the highlight of the show for me.

Thanks to everyone that came out. We had a helluva time.


P.S. Thanks to Jiggity for letting me use the Gemini.

photo by Chris Wage

Oct 9, 2009

If the good Lord's willing and the creeks don't rise...

...we'll be playing at the End tonight at 11:20. Twin Tigers is playing before us and Eureka Gold is going on after us. Come hang out!

The Kindergarten Circus

Jul 11, 2009

Self-titled Debut LP out July 21st!


We are ecstatic to announce that our self-titled debut hit the streets July 21. The vinyl LP, which comes with a free MP3 download, is a split release with Grand Palace Records and Dead Ring Music. The album was recorded by Alex Norfleet at Grand Palace and was produced by our buddy James Robbins and us.

We took our time with it. At times it was grueling work. Now it is done, the smoke has cleared, and we are proud of it.

To celebrate this momentous occasion we would like to invite you all to two momentous PARTEEZ. The first is a Grimey’s in-store on Tuesday, July 21. Come hoot, holler, and have a ball with us on the day our record comes out! The second is a real rock n roll party at The End on Saturday, July 25. Also on the bill are The Clutters, Denny & the Jets, and Daniel Pujol & Some Beaus. Said it once, I’ll say it twice: ROCK N ROLL PARTY.

The album in its entirety is already posted to Bandcamp and available to stream. Please, go give it a listen!

So do it.

The Kindergarten Circus