Oct 10, 2009


Last night was awesome. We all went to Tootsie's before our show. It was our first time seeing the Black Diamond Heavies and they melted faces and busted guts.

Next stop was the End where got our stuff loaded in. After making sure everything was cool, we collectively made a b-line to Krispy Kreme (standard procedure anytime we play at the End). I got a Donut Sundae and a seasonal Pumpkin Spice Cake donut. Spice Donut Cake was delicious blah blah blah. LISTEN TO ME RIGHT NOW: YOU NEED TO TRY A DONUT SUNDAE. This was my second "experience," and I from these experiences I have deduced that there are few things in this world more delectable than a hillock of soft-serve placed on a hot glazed donut. Not to mention the syrup, whipped cream, and nuts on top of that. Jesus, I want one just writing about it....

Back to the End. The show started off slow the first couple of songs. I messed up big time on "Parasite Mosquito" and then Lil Bill's hi-hat clamp broke. It took a couple minutes to fix that, but all the frustration made us come back big on "Radio Flyer." The rest of the show was good. We played two new songs. One is called "(Strike Like) Lightning" and the other is unnamed. The unnamed one was probably the highlight of the show for me.

Thanks to everyone that came out. We had a helluva time.


P.S. Thanks to Jiggity for letting me use the Gemini.

photo by Chris Wage

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